SIL Announces 2015 MOST INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS to Combat Regional Poverty

On December 1st in Philadelphia, SIL and its literary counter part, the Social Innovations Journal (SIJ) hosted a forum kicking off both the launch of the journal’s 25th edition and also announcing the most innovative ideas to combat the social determinants of poverty in the Philadelphia area and beyond.

A total of 12 teams, all participants in the 2015 fall SIL cohort, presented their anti-poverty social enterprise program and business ideas to a panel of judges comprised of funders, social entrepreneurs and leaders from both the public and private sectors. Ideas ranged from innovative donor apps, mission oriented for-profits, and new social service programs to combat disparities in education, healthcare, and other areas of social concern. Congratulations to everyone who participated. The winners are listed below in order:

  • Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project
  • Building Bridges to Wealth
  • Ceiba’s Unauthorized Immigrant Asset Building Program
  • West Philly e-cycle
  • Donafy
  • Life Cycle Health Center
  • APM Food Buying Club
  • Tree House Books
  • The Feed Local Project
  • Two Generation Strategy
  • VENDgrowth
  • The Strength of Raising a College Bound Student